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Barry J Blundell CMC CFC & JP (NSW)
Professional Civil Marriage, Family & Funeral Celebrant.

Civil Celebrant for the Riverina and Snowy Mountains.

Telephone Enquiries: 02 6947 3190 or 0408 473 190
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Our Ceremonies and Services.


'Justice of the Peace' witnessing services are available as a free community service, but a prior appointment is required.

Blue Sky Celebrant Services is able to provide the following Civil Ceremonies:

* Marriage Ceremonies * Name-Givings * Vow Renewals * Commitment/ Partnership * Engagements     * Milestone Celebrations    * Transition and Life Cycle Celebrations * Funerals * Memorials & * Pet Funerals.


As a professional civil celebrant, I share some of the most meaningful and joyful times in people's lives as well as the saddest and most uplfting. I feel a real sense of accomplishment in helping couples, parents and other clients to realise their vision for their perfect Wedding, Name-Giving, Renewal of Vows, Commitment / Partnership, Birthday, Anniversary or other celebration.

If you would like to casually meet with me to see if I am the celebrant you would like to conduct your ceremony for you, then we can arrange a "no obligation" "Meet and Greet" and perhaps get to know each other a little better.

Choosing a Modern, Professional and Independant Civil Celebrant allows you the opportunity to have your ceremony, how, where and when you want it. You also have a greater input in the content of your chosen ceremony.

I believe that "one ceremony", really does not "fit all" and I am open to some negotiation upon the fees and charges which may be applicable to your ceremony.


Contact me today to discuss our favourite topic - your civil ceremony!

Telephone Enquiries: 02 6947 3190 or 0408 473 190



Making a Booking.

If either before or after our initial meeting you wish to book me as your celebrant, please confirm your 'tentative' booking (without delay) with your payment of your deposit! Any extended delay with your Deposit may allow another customer the advantage of time in seizing your preferred ceremony date from you! I must remind you though, your Booking Deposit, once received is Not-Refundable!


Availability and Times.


Most ceremonies conducted during a weekend are completed on a Saturday between the hours of 9:00am to 7:00pm, at conventional locations. Did you know that Sundays are also available for your ceremony too, also between the hours of 9:00am to 7:00pm?

Ceremonies may be conducted outside of these times and at less conventional locations by prior arrangement and negotiation.



Weekday ceremonies may be arranged between the hours of 11:00am to 1:00pm and also between the hours of 6:00pm to 7:00pm, due to other regular weekday committments.


Public Holidays and Public Holiday Weekends.

Ceremonies may be arranged between 9:00am and 7:00pm or at other times as a special arrangement.

Public Holiday Surcharge of 25% - Applicable to the less significant Public Holidays and the Public Holiday weekends associated with them. This Surcharge is applied to all combined ceremony charges and service fees, but does not encompass your Booking Deposit. This surcharge ia applicable to: Australia Day / weekend, Anzac Day / weekend, Queen's Birthday / weekend and the Labour Day / weekend.

Public Holiday Surcharge of 50% - Applicable to the Major Public Holidays and the Extended Public Holiday weekends associated with them. This Surcharge is applied to the combined ceremony charges and service fees, but does not encompass your Booking Deposit. This surcharge is applicable to: the Christmas period / weekend, New Year's Day /weekend and also the Easter Public Holiday weekend.



Other Costing Factors.

The timing and location of the ceremony may be conventional or it may not!

Unconventional factors for example: excessive celebrant travel beyond our free travel threshold of 40kms; venue locations outside the local area necessitating overnight accommodation for our celebrant; unusual ceremony 'start or 'finish' times; a chosen venue of risk may / will increase the fees and charges incurred in providing your ceremony for you. If believe any of these circumstances apply to you, allow me to assess your requirements and respond with a firm "Statement of Fees" (free of any obligation).

                                    So please don't delay... Do it now!

             Please be warned! A tentative booking is just that, tentative! 



Hire of Equipment.

Feedback from some of our customers as to the unavailablity of ceremony hire items such as a few chairs, tables etc have led Blue Sky Celebrant Services into the area of Equipment Hire and Sale. We understand that residing in a small country town has some drawbacks so have responded accordingly.

A more extensive listing of our Equipment Hire and Sale items can be found upon the "Fees" page of this website. Listed here are a just few of those items of our ever expanding list available:

  • Portable PA equipment, microphones, music players, lecterns etc;
  • Small tables of various sizes and table cloths;
  • Foldng chairs (black - max of twenty);
  • Covers for Folding chair covers (white satin); and
  • Candle lanterns, glass ornate of various sizes.


Items for Sale.

  • Guest Books - Four styles, consisting of sixty pages for guest entries.
  • Red aisle carpeting (single use only).


Excess Travel.

If your ceremony is to be conducted at a venue some distance away, additional celebrant travel charges beyond the free travel allowance of forty (40) kilometres will apply! Allow us to give you a firm 'Statement of Fees' including any additional travel etc. Please see below or our "Fees" page for more detail.


Payment of your account.

Periodical payment options are available and can be arranged for a more manageable outcome for those customers wishing to take advantage of it to make multiple payments over a period of time.

However, client accounts must be paid in full at least four weeks prior to your wedding ceremony taking place OR two weeks for all other ceremonies.

We accept payments in Cash, Direct Deposits, Internet Transfers, Aussie Post Money Orders, Bank Cheques, PayPal and Mastercard & Visa Debit and Credit cards.

Please contact us for more details..



What you can expect from Blue Sky Celebrant Services and I?

All items listed are included in each ceremony Base Fee.

  • On initial contact we will arrange a meeting appointment with you. If that is not possible due to distance, further communications can be carried out via Email, Phone, Texting, FB Chat, Skype, Skype Audio etc;

  • Initial meeting / interview at my home or other mutually convenient venue;

  • Interviews and unlimited Telephone, Texting, FB Chat and Email contact with you up to the date of your ceremony;

  • The sighting of all relevant "original" legal documentation as required;

  • Personal assistance with ceremony planning including themes and the involvement of others for readings and poetry etc;

  • All meetings conducted up to the date of the ceremony;

  • Assistance with supporting documentation for an overseas partner's Fiancé's Visa Application... for a small fee/s; (See our 'Marriage Ceremonies' page)

  • Draft copies of your ceremony emailed to you to check, usually in pdf format;

  • A Free Celebrant Travel Allowance of forty kilometres (40km) is inclusive of ALL of our listed ceremonies Base Fees listed on this website;

  • A Rehearsal of your ceremony using the final draft; hopefully at the venue, with as many of the participants to the ceremony as possible (may incur additional celebrant travel costs depending upon distance to be travelled beyond the Free Celebrant Travel Allowance to and from your chosen venue);

  • Our celebrant shall arrive at the venue at least half an hour before the due start time of your service and setup to ensure that all is in readiness for your ceremony;

  • Your ceremony will be completed as planned on the agreed date, time and place;

  • We always supply a Register Table, Table Cloth, Desk Set, Two Pens and a Chair for the signing of the register and other documentation, unless requested otherwise. (You may of course provide your own equipment if you wish to reduce your costs);

  • Presentation of official and/or unofficial laser printed certificates, as required;

  • If you and your partner are getting married, I will happily assist you in applying for your copy of your Registered Marriage Certificate online with the BDM, but only after your marriage has been solemnised. (Always recommended for legal ID purposes, but only if requested. - BDM charges do apply with each certificate application.);

  • For all ceremonies, I can supply a portable, battery powered CD/MP3 player with remote control or a Blue-Tooth Adapter / Player. The CD/MP3 and Blue-Tooth Adapter / Player are small units and are capable of playing your MP3 music from CD, USB, SD or via Blue-Tooth. However, you will need to nominate a person to operate the remote to controls to either player to queue your music. For some ceremonies, the cost of one of these devices is inclusive, but for others additional fees do apply. A cable interface which comnnects the CD/MP3 player to a PA system input can also be suppied;

  • Recommendations to other local businesses associated with the Celebrancy Industry, as requested or recommended eg, Florists, Cake Decorators, Photographers, Bridal Shops etc...


Items incurring additional charges: (Please refer to the "Fees" Page)

  • The supply a professional battery powered 100 watt PA system, wireless microphones and microphone stands if requested. Recommended where more than twenty five people are present so all may hear what is being said. (Always included free of additional charges for 'Short & Sweet' and 'Uniquely Yours' Wedding ceremonies, 'Renewal of Vows' and 'Committment' Ceremonies.);

  • The supply a lectern for readings (if requested/required);

  • The supply of additional tables, table cloths, chairs, chair covers and other miscellaneous equipment etc;

  • The supply of wired microphones and microphone stands (if requested/required);

  • Additional travel in excess of the Free Travel Allowance of forty (40) kilometres, shall be charged to you at $1.00/kilometre (by prior arrangement as previously discussed and agreed);
  • Ceremonies conducted during a Public Holiday or Public Holiday weekend, will incur either a Public Holiday Surcharge of 25% or 50% of Total Fees as appropriate (by prior arrangement as previously discussed and agreed);
  • Celebrant Accommodation if required, when requested to conduct a ceremony some distance away from this celebrant's local area or at the conclusion of a late night ceremony closer to home (by prior arrangement as previously discussed and agreed);

  • For Sale: Ceremony Guest Books - Four cover styles and a light-weight 0.6m x 5m length of red carpet, if requested – may be used safely on a firm, flat surfaces ONCE only (Sale items - must be purchased and can be demonstrated during a celebrant-client meeting);

  • For Hire: A number of items are available for hire for use during your ceremony. Please check out 'Fees' page from more detail or contact us for our current list of available equipment For Hire and For Sale.


Blue Sky Celebrant Services' Register Table with Long Table Cloth, Standard Double Pen-set with two Oramental Pens, Folding Chair (without white, satin cover), 100 watt UHF Public Announcement System with Pole Stand.

Table Chair PA


My wife Kim and I discussing all aspects of Civil Wedding Ceremonies Information with some of the many visitors attending the recent Wagga Wagga Bridal Spectacular Expo.


                      Photographs courtesy of 'Our Wedding' Bridal Directory photographers - Thank you Robert and Matt.


                                                Blue Sky Celebrant Services - ABN: 59 457 783 751

A list of ceremonies we are able to conduct for you at your request are:

* Marriage Ceremonies * Name-Givings * Vow Renewals * Commitment/ Partnership * Engagements * Milestone Celebrations * Transition and Life Cycle Celebrations * Funerals * Memorials * Pet Funerals and * Justice of the Peace (NSW) witnessing services (a free community service).

Allow us to help you turn your ideas and dreams for your ceremony into a reality!

A ceremony that your family and friends will always remember!

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