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Barry J Blundell CMC CFC & JP (NSW)
Professional Civil Marriage, Family & Funeral Celebrant.

Civil Celebrant for the Riverina and Snowy Mountains.

Telephone Enquiries: 02 6947 3190 or 0408 473 190
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Funeral and Memorial Services.

Thanks for taking a look at this website and my sincerest condolences if you have lost a loved family member, relative or friend.

Preparing a Civil Funeral or Memorial before the passing of your loved one.

The funeral service is primarily for the next of kin, family and friends. There are no laws governing the funeral ceremony itself. When a loved one leaves us, it can be a very distressing time with much to organise.

If a Civil celebrant is to perform the Funeral or Memorial Service, the preparations of a loved ones wishes for his/her own funeral should begin by ascertaining your loved ones wishes for their own funeral before their passing, if you are able. In this way the next of kin will be more comfortable knowing exactly what their loved on wanted in their service. I am available to assist you with this.

A Civil Ceremony is quite different from a Church Service. A church service has a set format according to each religious denomination funeral rites. In a Civil Ceremony the family can choose readings and write eulogies for the participation of family and friends. They can also choose the loved one’s favourite music. Your loved one may even like to have a few words of their own read out during the service. My role is to assist with all of this.

Start to make notes now! Of your loved ones's life, interests, peculiarities, favourite expressions, his/her values and skills - anything in fact that comes to mind. And remember, this person was not always old. Try to imagine what life must have been like in their era and places where he/she lived and worked. Ask him/her about his/her preferences. In this way family and friends can participate in the celebration of their loved one’s life in a personal and meaningful way.

My services may be engaged directly or separately, rather than a specific celebrant suggested to you by the Funeral Company. As soon as you have engaged my services, I am able to commence work on your ceremony immediately.You are most welcome to contact me if you would like some assistance or simply to ask a few questions, I am here to help you.

Fees for civil celebrants do vary from State to State, but usually are most reasonable when compared with other funeral expenses. The celebrant should give you a scale of their fees or a fixed quote so you know what fees will be incurred.

Civil funeral celebrants are independent professionals who must cover all their own expenses for offering their services, unlike ministers or priests who have a church stipend, vehicle and other resources provided for them by their church parish.

Civil funeral celebrants usually help you prepare the Eulogy and then personalise the whole ceremony to suit the person’s lifestyle who has passed away. So there is a lot more of their time and skill involved than that involved for a religious funeral celebrant who uses the set church rites. Thus you would expect a civil funeral celebrant's fees to cover their time, skill, travel distance/time and other requirements.

So do not feel awkward about asking for this information directly. It is not disrespectful of the person who has died to ensure you can pay the Celebrant whose work is so crucial to the Funeral. The celebrant will find your directness reassuring as well.

I look forward to assisting you in any way I am able.

Blue Sky Celebrant Services - ABN: 59 457 783 751

A list of ceremonies we are able to conduct for you at your request are:

* Marriage Ceremonies * Name-Givings * Vow Renewals * Commitment/ Partnership * Engagements * Milestone Celebrations * Transition and Life Cycle Celebrations * Funerals * Memorials * Pet Funerals and * Justice of the Peace (NSW) witnessing services (a free community service).

Allow us to help you turn your ideas and dreams for your ceremony into a reality!

A ceremony that your family and friends will always remember!

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